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    Seth Zeigler, LCMHC

    Most of us have heard the saying “Everyone has a story.” What most of us aren’t aware of is how many stories we’re telling about ourselves, other people and the world; and how those stories are impacting our lives.

    When you increase your awareness and understanding of how your thoughts and feelings are connected, you can identify patterns and beliefs you’ve been stuck in that are not serving you. This awareness and insight provide you the opportunity to change.

    Much as you cannot see your own face without the help of a mirror, it is equally difficult for you to see your innermost “self”. I see my role as a guide for clients, and to help create a “mental mirror” in which you can see your true self.

    I also believe that people hold the answers to their problems and challenges, but often have difficulty finding them. Nobody knows you better than you know yourself. My job as a therapist, as the guide, is to help you discover the answers that work for you.

    My work with clients primarily focuses on anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief. My main theoretical framework is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, with an influence of existentialism. I am also trained in Cognitive Processing Therapy for treating trauma, which has yielded excellent results for many of my clients.

    I also greatly enjoy working with clients who are wrestling with existential ideas, such as meaning and purpose in life. One of the challenges all humans face is coming to terms with the duality of life, and learning to practice acceptance. Often it is the inability to accept which leads to suffering, often manifesting as anxiety and depression.

    I work with clients ages 13 and up.  Contact me today if you are ready to start working towards a more balanced life.  I can be reached at [email protected] or by phone at (603) 288-0137